How it Works

The Extreme Green is made up of patented modular segments that are adjustable by sliding the side support wedges in or out to change the slope. The green can be set up on any level surface and are designed and constructed for years of maintenance free use.

Extreme Green unit cutaway
  • Units link together to create an adjustable multi-slope putting green
  • Commercially durable all-weather construction
  • Anodized aluminum and high impact plastic components
  • Suitable for residential or commercial applications

The Extreme Green is assembled by interlocking individual segments together. To create the desired length of your green just link the right amount of segments together.

A 20 foot green will need 36 segments each segment being 6.6 inches wide.

If one hole on either side is desired then two segments with holes are needed. Place the holed segments in the 5th segment on each end. When all the segments are in place then the turf can be rolled out on top.

First place the cups into the holes then roll the turf over the bed. Then mark the top of the cups at three points with a black felt pen which will leave an imprint on the back of the turf. Last, place the cup on the imprint on the back of the turf and cut around the cut with a razor knife to finish.

For more information please call 1-866-719-2988

Extreme Green Video

For a full demonstration on how our Extreme Greens work, take the time to view this important video. Dave Martens is the inventor of the Extreme Green and he demonstrates the features of our green, from assembly to putting and use of the chipping mat. If you have any questions after you have viewed this video, just give us a call.

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